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We Should be Building with More Wood!

magical-forestWhen I think of using wood as a building material, my mind initially focuses in on doors (obviously – that’s the name of the blog). I think of the craftsmanship of a fine stile and rail door, or the beautiful natural grain pattern in a flush wood door. Whatever type of door or species of wood being used, I get a feeling of warmth from the natural characteristics it embodies. This natural connection can be found in buildings in far more areas that just doors though, and too often we are substituting other non-renewable materials that in the end create more waste headed to landfills.

Campaigns such as “Save the Trees”, which are noble and should receive support from everyone, have created misconceptions about our supply of wood. This has shaped the way we determine what materials to use in our buildings. The fact is, we should be building with more wood. The US Green Building Council published a great article debunking some common myths and pointing out reasons to use wood in place of concrete and steel. Check out the article here.

Wood is one of our best natural resources, and thanks to environmentally conscious groups and organizations, programs have been set up to ensure this resource sustains. It’s our responsibility as consumers to choose wood products that have been certified by organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Look for these certified products and use more wood as we continue to build greener!

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