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When designing, installing, and maintaining safety & security systems for a commercial building, it’s crucial to stay apprised of the latest trends in door security. Various factors come into play – from changes in industry regulations & market demand to the emergence of new technologies & solutions. Keeping up can be daunting, that’s why our group provides a wide range of professional Online Training (OLT) and Instructor Led Training (ILT) for architects, end-users, distributors, installers, integrators and other stakeholders.

What’s exciting for us is that in recent years, online technology has enabled us to also provide training that students can partake in from their location, at their convenience. These courses complement the in-person hands-on training sessions offered at specialized training centers, manufacturing facilities, or at a distributor or end-user’s location. Offering a combination of online and in-person training helps safety and security professionals continually hone their expertise.

Ways to Train to Become a Door Security Solutions Expert

Let’s review the various types of door opening training available for architects, distributors, installers, integrators, and end-users.

  1. Online at the ASSA ABLOY Academy site, users can click Browse For Training to see all courses available, and narrow down to online classes only, by subject. While most courses pertain to door hardware or access control, there are several targeted curriculums for doors & frames, for example ASSA ABLOY Windstorm Factory Trained Installer Prerequisite Online Course.
  2. OLT options allow students to achieve Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for DHI, ALOA, and AIA coursework, at their convenience. Credit hours are given upon completion of courses.
  3. Three distinct learning paths – for Locksmiths, Contract Hardware and Wholesale Partners, and System Integrators – give students a series of highly relevant, targeted courses. These paths include a mix of OLT and ILT.
  4. On-site at Ceco Door or Curries plants, trainees visit for a couple of days to learn about estimating, pricing & ordering procedures, interpreting hollow metal specifications, and other subjects for distributors. Visits include touring the manufacturing facility and meeting management and customer service teams. Classes such as Pricing Seminar 2020 are announced well in advance.
  5. Hands-on, interactive sessions focusing on the total opening, parts of a specification, codes & standards application or topics pertaining specifically to door & frame installation, software training, and quoting are available at ASSA ABLOY Americas Training Centers throughout the country.
  6. ILT at a distributor or end-user location is where instructors visit a facility to provide training based on the particular needs of that group, or to provide broader door opening training for stakeholders located in the geographic region.
  7. Foundation Training occurs across multiple ASSA ABLOY Training Centers throughout a six-week course providing an accelerated pathway to starting a career in the door and hardware industry. Trainees spend time at ASSA ABLOY manufacturing facilities for doors & frames, hardware, and access control.

Ready to Become a Door Security Solutions Expert? Check out the ASSA ABLOY calendar to see upcoming events or contact the academy or your local ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions representative.

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