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Hollow Metal Door and Frame Tips From SDI

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, videos have become the primary message sender for information.  You can learn how to do almost anything with online videos.  I recently searched YouTube to install a new ceiling fan, check the fuses in my car, and even make a breakfast casserole for my family.  The Steel Door Institute (SDI) has released two short videos with a few troubleshooting tips for hollow metal doors and frames.

The first, “Proper Jobsite Storage of Steel Doors & Frames and Field Application of Primer and Topcoat” provides detailed instructions regarding handling and storage applicable for jobsites as well as warehouse stock.   It covers location, groupings, proper air flow, and other best practices that result in reduced damages.  The video continues with recommendations for factory prime painted doors, including:  what types of paint to finish with after install, how to deal with rust, dents or scratches, and tips for topcoat.

In “How to Fix Frames that are Set Twisted or Out of Square”, SDI focuses on knock-down frames installed on site.  This video shows how to properly check clearances and which components to remove before making alterations, including which tools to use.  It’s a great source for someone new to door installation, and serves as a quick refresher prior to going on site to troubleshoot.

SDI brings this information together in concise messages that you can easily send to general contractors receiving product.  Always reference ANSI SDI A250.11 for recommended methods of steel frame installation.  Feel free to share any other videos you’d recommend for doors and frames (or any good breakfast casseroles) in the comments below.

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