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Door Humor

Working in the door industry, we tend to take doors so seriously all of the time.  So I thought a lighthearted post would help you get through the day a little easier.  Let’s talk door humor – yes, that’s a thing:  haven’t you ever heard a knock knock joke? While these are usually pretty corny, here’s a link to some good ones with an emphasis on the door itself.

I get a laugh when I come across a door that just doesn’t seem right.  It may be the completely wrong type of a door for the purpose required, or some seem contradicting (exit/not an exit), and some doors are designed so poorly that they confuse the operator.  I’ve included pictures below of examples I’ve come across where the door is giving mixed signals.  Please share your own in the comments so we can all have a laugh.

If you have a few minutes, watch this video about “Norman Doors”.  A Norman Door is a term coined by Don Norman for confusing doors.  The video includes some comedic door clips from popular movies as well as Don’s take on what an ideal door would be.  He’s had a very successful career and offers great ideas on how to design people friendly products.



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