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BUILD Magazine 2016 Awards

BUILD AwardASSA ABLOY Door Group received the 2016 USA Construction Excellence Award.

Keeping up with the latest news in the construction industry can be tough, so I subscribe to various publications to try and stay in the loop. While scanning through a recent copy of BUILD Magazine, I found their list of 2016 awards presented to innovators and leading companies across the globe. The magazine focuses on all of the construction phases including architecture, design, finance, manufacturing, supply, personnel, and sustainability among others. Awards such as Most Innovative Architecture Firm, Most Innovative Designers, Best Sustainable Urban Design Firm, and Best Innovative Renewable Energy Product were presented for these different segments. I was pleased to see the ASSA ABLOY Door Group received the 2016 USA Construction Excellence Award.

The ASSA ABLOY Door Group was recognized for their innovative products and processes, commitment to sustainability, and adoption of new technologies. BUILD Magazine has a nice write up on the company including a history of the various brands, how they have reacted to the evolving construction industry, and some key areas of focus for the organization.

If you are interested to see what advancements leading companies of the construction industry around the world (including the ASSA ABLOY Door Group) are making, check out the online edition here.

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